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      We recognise that we have a responsibility to look after our planet, so that our children can enjoy the beautiful beaches and oceans we have all come to love and enjoy.

      To begin our journey to reduce our environmental impact, we launched our first ever Sustainable Swimwear Collection using recycled materials as part of our 2020 Snapper Rock Collection.

      Our swimwear collection incorporates new innovative materials such as ECONYL® and REPREVE® – both recycled from waste products.  

      ECONYL® yarn has been created from discarded nylon fishing nets that have been left in the ocean, damaging natural marine life and animals. An estimated 640,000 tonnes of used nets are left in the ocean every year, these are collected and transformed into new nylon fibre which is used to make our Snapper Rock rash tops, swimsuits and bikinis.

      REPREVE® yarn has been created from some of the 60 million plastic bottles that are discarded every day! The innovative REPREVE manufacturing process, melts the bottles down, to create our recycled polyester yarn. This is then transformed into our Snapper Rock board shorts, and the lining for our girls swim suits and bikinis.

      By selecting recycled materials, we can reduce our consumption of non-renewable resources, such as oil and coal, reduce our water and energy use, and help to clean up our beaches and oceans from discarded waste.

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